We have some tender questions to ask.
"This type of environment mirrors typical predatory behavior and needs to be stopped."
"The dream that I've had to be the woman that I am... here I am."
Here's what a 3D printed bra looks like.
Sports Illustrated is featuring two plus size models in their swimsuit issue, SORT OF.
Cookie Monster can't take his googly eyes off some semi-nude women in Times Square.
It's not much, but it will get you 30 seconds closer to the weekend.
Sit back and enjoy the various Victoria's Secret Angels getting beautiful before the show.
The pop-up pool "deck" was packed with oil-slicked models in bikinis stamped with the "It's So Miami" motto. One of the publicists was the spitting image of Snooki. SO Miami.
Remember the Jeremy Lin who used to sip on Bud Light? The NYPost is sad to report that Lin is gone—and all that is left is a party-hardy husk of swishing, dishing, and tipsy flirting.
Two more models have sued Aristeo Tengco for continually groping them while preaching the Bible: "When we'd hug, it was very sexual. He'd run his hands down my back and grab my butt."
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