The Seinfeld dollhouse of your dreams.
The model, 21-year-old Brian McClellen, died after catching fire.
She checked herself into St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital on August 6th.
A model has not been seen since she left a night club on August 6th.
The brawl was touted as "Drake vs. Chris Brown Part 2."
Renato Seabra, the Portugese underwear model accused of brutally castrating and killing his older lover at the Times Square InterContinental in January 2011, has been found guilty.
This New Yorker is American Apparel's oldest model... and probably classiest.
Aspiring models: if your prospective agent claims to your parents he's a good Christian and then invites you to pay to live in his pseudo-harem with other teen models, run in the other direction.
A lawsuit against a photographer has been dropped, but Urban Outfitters is still in trouble after selling t-shirts with his photo of a 15-year-old girl in an "X-rated" position.
For some reason, 16 years old is the magic age where models are mature enough to work at Fashion Week.
And now... a miniature version of Maurizio Cattelan's Guggenheim exhibit.
Lauren Scrugg's mother said today, Her pain subsided for a little while, but then returned, excruciating."
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