Mobile food vendors

The Department of Health says its necessary to locate these food carts, but vendors worry the data could be turned over to ICE.
Winners were crowned in seven different categories this year, including a brand new vegan category, awards for the People's Choice and the coveted Vendy Cup.
The long lunchtime lines can be misleading.
Vendors apply for new licenses under different names to avoid paying thousands in fines from the agency.
It was a spectacular day for over-eating, with dozens of food trucks and market vendors all vying for the title of best mobile food vendor.
The annual mobile vendor competition announced contenders for Rookie of the Year, Best Dessert and two other categories.
Two proposals were discussed at last night's Council meeting that would limit food truck's access to city streets.
The latest from the mobile food vendors vs. brick-and-mortar restaurants, cranky old ladies, and NYPD front.
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