"Two nearly naked hot men rolling around on top of one another trying to dominate each other!"
Mixed martial arts—a euphemistic name for what essentially boils down to "beating the shit out of another human being until they faint and/or die," might soon be made legal in New York. Hooray!
Professional MMA fighting is illegal, but it's perfectly okay for 1,500 people to cram into a venue to watch amateur fighters throw down on a Saturday night.
Connecticut and New York are the only states that have not legalized MMA.
With 45 states, including New Jersey, having no problem with MMA, it's becoming increasingly difficult for New York to justify the ban.
Despite being overwhelmingly approved by the Tourism Committee this week, the future doesn't look very bright for MMA in NY, according to Sheldon Silver: "There does not appear to be widespread support in the Assembly."
What say ye New York City: are you ready for a roundhouse kick to the face (metaphorically)?
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