The demonstration happened on Wednesday, stretching more than two blocks down Manhattan's First Avenue, as donors visited the school.
A filmmaker and former MIT professor has been arrested after he allegedly robbed a Manhattan bank on New Year's Eve—and recorded it as part of an art project.
Edward Tufte said, "Aaron's unique quality was that he was marvelously and vigorously different. Perhaps we can all be a little more different too."
Another lawyer said that the feds' interest "was driven by a desire to turn this into a significant case, so that some prosecutor could put it in his portfolio."
"Aaron's death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach."
When it comes to the ability to spread diseases worldwide, New York's very own little piece of transportation hell, JFK, is number one!
In today's Un-Useless Inventions news, researchers at MIT have developed a product that tackles the very real problem of getting ketchup to come out of the bottle.
Her dad said, "She called and said, 'I've got the permission to leave' and the next step is for her to get on a plane and get here."
Okay, it's not quite Doogie Howser or The Kid With The
Photo via senseable city lab When MoMA and MIT join forces,
What is it about Frank Gehry? When The Boston Globe reported this
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