Mistaken identity

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters today that the murder of a youth soccer coach near Union Square early Sunday morning may have been been the result of mistaken identity.
Yesterday the jury reached a verdict in the trial of Joel Herrera, a Latin Kings gang member who murdered Glenn Wright in the Baruch Houses on the Lower East Side almost three years ago.
Now that his alibi has checked out, the DA has decided to drop all charges against Karl Vanderwoude. “A lot of people say they didn’t do it. This is the real case,” said his lawyer.
“I didn’t do it. I wasn’t even in the vicinity of these incidents,” said "well-dressed groper" suspect Karl Vanderwoude. “It’s a case of mistaken identity.”
“She sounded really frantic and afraid,” boyfriend Timothy Smith said. “She was saying: ‘They have knives to my neck’...I heard one of the girls say: ‘You’re leaving here in a body bag.’ ”
A 20-year-old woman who was trying to deliver birthday presents to her boyfriend's cousin's young daughter was killed Thursday after she was chased by a knife-wielding attacker and fell 14 stories while trying to escape.
Closing arguments will be presented today in the trial of Joel Herrera, the Lower East Side man accused of fatally stabbing Glenn Wright, 20, because he allegedly mistook Wright for someone else.
The young man on trial for fatally stabbing a stranger whom he mistook for someone else was splattered in blood when police apprehended him shortly after the murder, an officer testified yesterday
50-year-old Deli worker Jose Delacruz has been arrested four times—and nearly deported by the FBI—because he bears the same name and date of birth as Jose "El Toro" Delacruz.
Christina Coleman's car (NY1) Police believe that a nurse who was
A Brooklyn man spent seven months in jail before cell phone records proved his innocence.
Terrence Mahabir, left, and friend Rolan Angaroo, right (via Daily News)
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