Missing person

Jennifer Dulos "acted in accordance with her stated intention to do anything within her power to see to it that [her husband] was deprived of their children's companionship," Fotis Dulos's defense attorney said.
Jennifer Dulos was last seen on May 24th, and security camera footage allegedly shows her estranged husband disposing of her blood-stained belongings.
As of Sunday, they have been missing for nine days.
Mendez had been missing for a week.
Geraldine Mendez hasn't returned home since leaving her apartment in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens on Saturday, October 15th.
Her body was found in the basement of the home they shared.
"Initially we're thinking she’s outside, she’s missing, but she was in the house the whole time."
His family rallied earlier this month demanding updates on the NYPD's investigation.
The 22-year-old French tourist and rapper who went missing in the Bronx on Monday has been found four days later in a local hospital.
The French Embassy and the NYPD have teamed up to find him.
Police discovered the body of a 25-year-old Manhattan floating in the water near Lower Manhattan today.
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