Missing child

Investigators say the child was "found in a blue stroller which was earlier being pushed by a light complexioned female Hispanic with black hair."
Sources claim that the suspect either strangled, stabbed or stabbed and strangled the boy, possibly dismembering his body, and then dumping it on the street in a bag or a box.
The suspect was apparently picked up in NJ yesterday.
After four days of forensic of searching and digging in a SoHo basement, the search for evidence in the Etan Patz investigation appears to be winding down.
Sources tell the Daily News that the suspect is still Jose Ramos, who was declared responsible for Etan's death in a civil lawsuit.
The NYPD said, "Time doesn’t matter to us and NYPD in investigations like this. He was 6 when he disappeared and we’re not going to quit."
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