New research by the Center for Court Innovation shows that few prosecutions for minor crimes in 2019 and 2020 resulted in convictions or jail time, but they still deeply disrupted the lives of those who faced charges.
New York could become the 42nd state to enact legislation combating the nonconsensual dissemination of intimate images.
Eric Gonzalez expects to vacate at least 20,000 misdemeanor weed convictions.
The disgraced former cops were trying to get their misdemeanor convictions thrown out.
Apparently a 300-pound guy masturbating on a 14-year-old girl half his size in a crowded train car isn't "physical" enough for the the courts.
Seanna Sharpe and Savage Skinner had their charges officially reduced to misdemeanors.
A 7-year-old girl is traumatized after a man allegedly fondled, sniffed and kissed her feet at a library in Astoria.
Joel Pierce While the rape cop trial has garnered lots of
That's current-day Marc in the right image, to the left of
World Sufi Foundation The five teenagers charged with disrupting a religious
The merger of the Bronx criminal and supreme courts has been
The Senate might have overstepped its bounds and broken the law
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