Miracle on the hudson

On this day in 2009, a steel-nerved pilot landed a crashing plane right on the Hudson, saving 155 lives.
Since a flock of geese caused an airplane to make an emergency landing on the Hudson River eight years ago, wildlife officials have been on a bird killing spree.
"We're not the KGB. We're not the Gestapo."
The 2009 emergency landing on the Hudson River has made it to the big screen.
If you really liked the movie "Flight" but wish it took place in NYC and had fewer stakes, then this is the movie for YOU.
A happy ending to a terrifying situation.
Since the "Miracle on the Hudson" two years ago, we've grown
Two years ago today, a US Airways flight splash-crashed into the icy
The now famed Flight 1549—that was meant to reach Charlotte, North
On Friday it will have been a year since “Miracle on
With Miracle on the Hudson pilot Captain Chesley Sullenberger back in
Captain Sullenberger earlier this year, when he as given a key
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