For 17-year-olds, judges will use guidelines to aid them in determining if a minor is entering marriage of his or her own volition.
The teacher, now 88, told the NY Times, "In those days, the ’60s and ’70s, things were different."
Inside Breezy Point, the insular beach community where parents are known to let their kids drink at home to keep them from partying on the beach.
The busted bodega owners are crying foul, alleging that the SLA hasn't contacted them as required by law.
48-year-old Michael Taggart allegedly drank with the teenagers before he exposed his penis to them at around 2 a.m. in Oakland Gardens.
Even if you're a neo-Luddite, your kids almost definitely aren't, especially
Remember how there were "cool" teachers in high school? Well, a
A study from the state Commission on Correction ripped on the
An investigation is currently being performed at Goshen Secure Center, a
Sexting: it's what the youths are doing (and the olds). But
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