Minority report

The MTA pivots to video.
The change, decried by civil libertarians as "genetic stop-and-frisk," is set to go into effect early this fall.
A startup company called Renew is now experimenting with using WiFi to track passersby through their smartphones, with the ultimate goal of targeting individuals with personalized commercials.
Yesterday, the NYPD began photographing and scanning prisoners' irises as they
Charlie Todd's new Urban Prankster site points towards a cryptic online outlet
The MTA unveiled it's $212 million security deal with Lockheed Martin
The Post reports that NJ lawmakers are thinking about testing an electrical
Gothamist is intrigued to hear that Brooklyn's in da house, not once, but
The Basics Age and occupation. How long have you lived here, where
Yay for surprises. The announcement of the 76th Academy Awards nominations
IBM will be rolling out a "smart shopping cart" that will help
Wired looks at a crazy new way to compose music: Using
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