Minimum wage

The raise comes to reflect the 5.3% rise in the Consumer Price Index.
A group of workers' and women's rights organizations are demanding the Cuomo administration get rid of the subminimum wage for restaurant workers.
"It's hard to look at the comprehensive data we did and not understand that many, many restaurants have effectively adapted to the rising minimum wage. Not everyone, but the vast majority."
Supporters were heartened to hear the governor supporting a policy that aims to benefit New York’s tipped workers, many of whom are women and low-income. But since then, the department has gone silent.
'Firefighters are on call 24 hours and they get paid. Are we home attendants special because we're women? We are also on call. Why shouldn't we get all our pay?'
The ride hailing companies Juno and Lyft are suing New York City to block a new minimum wage law for app-based drivers that was set to go into effect on Friday.
Employees at New York City businesses with more than 10 workers will be the first to reach the full $15 minimum wage, starting on New Year's Eve.
Employees at the Waverly Diner charge that the restaurant's owner cheated them out of $2 million in lost wages — then ducked out of paying them by declaring bankruptcy.
"Immigrants are uniquely susceptible to this kind of activity because employers know that immigrants are less likely to speak out."
A ShackBurger will now cost $5.55 before tax.
The minimum wage will be $15/hour in NYC by 2018.
"At $9 an hour, you can't afford to raise a family in New York."
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