A Stuyvesant High School alumni who became a quadriplegic after a school-van accident is getting a lot of money for her trouble.
James didn't win a championship in his first season with the Heat, but at least he can smile through the pain by parodying that soundbyte in a new McDonalds Monopoly ad.
Winner Mike Barth, who received $19 million along with his six colleagues, made everyone pay up at a recent meal with coworkers, and "used a calculator to figure out the tip."
Recently departed heiress and recluse Huguette Clark's will has been read, and the results are something of a surprise.
Coulson's in Albany (AP) The NY State Lottery office confirmed that
Winning $319 million is life-changing—even if you have to split it
So that winning ticket for the $319 million Mega Millions that was
While Buffalo developer Carl Paladino promised to spend $10 million of
Graphic from the Observer Mayor Bloomberg repeatedly pointed out that taxing
In case you were wondering what became of Leona Helmsley’s “rich
A judge threw out the fixed price rent hikes the Rent
Raffaello Follieri, the disgraced Italian investor and ex-boyfriend of actress Anne Hathaway,
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