Mill basin

The vehicle then struck a metal fence, two garbage dumpsters, and a retaining wall, before finally coming to a stop against a wall of the Sunrise assisted living facility.
Thousands of Brooklyn residents were still without power this morning, after Con Ed throttled service in certain neighborhoods amid a searing heat wave and record-shattering energy use on Sunday night.
Carini is the son of a well known mobster, also named Carmine, who spent decades in prison for his role in a 1983 murder.
The unidentified man was located near East 58 Street and Avenue U at around 11 a.m. on Saturday.
Take a tour of the Brooklyn neighborhood that looks more like Miami.
“I don’t care. I’ll kill a cop. A cop is going to die tonight.”
The four alarm fire is still burning, but it appears that firefighters have stopped it from spreading.
For some reason, it doesn't come with an $18.9 million price tag.
This place exists in Brooklyn, somehow.
Thursday's shenanigans were reportedly kicked off by a Facebook post calling for teens to out the Mill Basin mall "on tilt."
"It wasn't everybody's fault, so for you to just ban everybody 17 and under is drastic," said one of the teens who shot video of the pandemonium.
There was utter pandemonium at Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn yesterday as hundreds of rowdy teenagers (gasp!) ran wildly through the shopping center, screaming, roughhousing and allegedly shoplifting.
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