Our own investigation into the alleged shortage suggests that New Yorkers need not fear a return to life without milk made from raw oats.
They're also rolled in cereal, because of course.
We welcome our new bovine robot overlords.
Important life skills!
Here is a video of a performance artist doing her performance art in a backyard in Bushwick.
Of course, the whole thing hinges upon the House and Senate PASSING SOMETHING.
A farm bill pledging federal aid to agriculture programs expired on September 30th, and if Congress does not extend it by the January 1st deadline, the Agriculture Department will have to hike its milk prices.
Senator Chuck Schumer held one of his patented Sunday chats yesterday, and the topic this week was one close to Justin Bieber's heart: milk.
Babies, start burning your tongues.
While the cost of organic grain and hay to feed the cows goes up, the price farmers receive for their milk has not.
11,000 pounds of them.
Breast milk sustains babies, why not adults?
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