Military flyover

A planned military flyover marking the anniversary of 9/11 was cancelled on Friday morning, after the decision to honor terror victims with a low-flying warplane was widely panned as tasteless and inappropriate.
The flyover, which lasted about half an hour, was billed as "a touching display of American resolve," and the first of several such displays planned over the coming weeks.
It's supposed to be a "touching display of American resolve that honors those serving on the frontline of our fight with COVID-19."
Tomorrow's blizzard means the military helicopters fly today.
Yesterday, Notify NYC alerted people, "U.S. military aircraft are scheduled to
Notify NYC says, "A military aircraft will be flying down the Hudson
Naval plane EA-6B Prowler will be flying over the Verrazano Narrows
From NotifyNYC: "You may see three vintage military aircraft fly at low
For today's 90th Veterans Day Parade, the city alerts us that
Today, the USS New York, which was partly made from World
FYI, those planes may be for Federer-del Potro: "Today at 4pm, U.S.
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