Dr. Shereef Elnahal, president and CEO of Newark's University Hospital, discusses how the deployment will help improve health care for patients with and without COVID-19.
A planned military flyover marking the anniversary of 9/11 was cancelled on Friday morning, after the decision to honor terror victims with a low-flying warplane was widely panned as tasteless and inappropriate.
"Democracy demands that all of us raise our voices to this man, who not once but five times was a draft dodger," Public Advocate Letitia James said.
The mystery flyover was part of an "emergency relocation drill" to help the military figure out how to evacuate Team Trump.
It was apparently for "standard military training," which is what they always say before the alien invasion.
A new study examines the mental health toll on these 6,000 civilians who lived and worked alongside soldiers in a combat zone.
She also claimed a boat came into her house during Hurricane Sandy.
President Obama is seeking to destroy the Marines, the most fearsome, muscled, toughest branch of the military by making them wear little girly French bonnets instead of Man Hats.
Spc. Ryan Offutt, 32, pleaded guilty to maltreatment and hazing in connection with Danny Chen's death; he's expected to get a six month sentence.
Considering that unmanned drones rain death upon insurgents and civilians alike in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and a bunch of other places we probably don't know about, the logo is disgustingly apropos.
"I'm proud to be wearing a uniform while breastfeeding."
A portrait of a husband and father to young children, faced with financial issues and a past of minor run-ins with the law, has emerged.
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