Miley cyrus

Missy Elliott will play her first major NYC headlining show in over a decade.
Tame Impala and Vampire Weekend will also perform.
David will be joined by musical guest Miley Cyrus; Haddish will be joined by musical guest Taylor Swift; and Chance will be joined by musical guest Eminem.
Let's hope this is more of a "Radio Days"/"Sweet & Lowdown" kind of period piece, rather than a "Magic in the Moonlight."
On SNL's season premiere, Miley Cyrus licked people and sang songs to her dead petz; Hillary Clinton stole the show; Leslie Jones had an orgasm; Millennials were mocked; and Donald Trump yammered.
Hopefully the show is better than these promos.
50 shades of Miley is coming to Bushwick at the end of February.
There are drugs in that, and then there’s a blunt
This educational ideology has now hit its peak and/or nadir, depending how you look at it: Skidmore College is offering a sociology course all about Miley Cyrus...albeit, a summer course.
Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior!
Buskers deliver killer version of Miley's "Wrecking Ball" on the Bedford L platform.
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