Mikhail prokhorov

This might not really be news.
The immense impact of a sanction against a country of that economic power on the globalized economy and, more importantly, the Brooklyn Nets remains to be seen.
Mikhail Prokhorov said, "Welcome home, Jason.
It's taken nearly nine years, and at least that many lawsuits, but Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner has finally completed the Brooklyn sports/entertainment complex of his dreams, to the delight and horror of Brooklyn residents.
Doesn't it look like a UFO?!
Chris Christie said of the Nets leaving, "Good riddance." Some fans are relieved, though, to ditch the temporary home.
Mikhail Prokhorov's Nets experience hasn't been a total bust: Prokhorov seems to have picked up some tricks from fellow Nets owner Jay-Z. Below, watch as he goofily raps on Russian television.
Russian billionaire and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has much bigger ambitions than watching Deron Williams sink threes: "I think I am capable of doing the tasks of the prime minister."
After offering the moon and the stars—Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson
The Nets will have to resort to Plan C or Plan
The Nets' season is quickly hitting the crapper with a six
The New Jersey Nets (6-15, baby!) are coming to Brooklyn—via Russia.
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