Mike huckabee

Fox News It Girl Megyn Kelly took a pause from having a moment to school Huckabee on his outdated views. Watch them rake manure below.
The Huckabee scold train arrived at Grand Central this past week, when Huckabee went off on all the trashy NYC ladies with a penchant for cussing.
9/11: Mike Huckabee explains it all to you with a cartoon.
A slogan we'll never hear:" a chicken in every pot, a squirrel in every popcorn popper."
Mike Huckabee is here to teach your children not to blame America.
Chris Christie may now hold the answer to his "do or
Because former Arkansas governor and possible 2012 contender Mike Huckabee is trying
Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is totally throwing himself into the national
Former TLC reality show star Sarah Palin has criticized First Lady Michelle
Myers Mermel and Mike Huckabee Wait, who? This morning, Manhattan Republican
Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee dipped his toe
Photograph of John McCain and President George Bush at the White
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