Mike dantoni

Following Mike D'Antoni's surprise resignation yesterday, it seems harder and harder to ignore the fact that Carmelo was the major factor leading to that decision.
With the team in utter free fall, something had to give for the Knicks, and it seems something has: according to reports, Mike D'Antoni has resigned as head coach of the Knicks.
Melo has reportedly told friends he preferred to be traded before Thursday's NBA deadline. So are the Knicks doomed to waste all their talent this season? Should they trade Melo and get it over with?
The Knicks were the first team eliminated from the playoffs, and
The Knicks still haven't won a playoff game in ten seasons
Since the massive multi-player trade with the Denver Nuggets that brought Carmelo
After offering the moon and the stars—Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson
Despite last night’s stumble in Houston, the Knicks are playing pretty
During the Knicks' "Basement Battle" win over the Nets yesterday, there was
When we previously noted on the Knicks burgeoning interest in signing
No one was expecting the Knicks to be good this year,
Photograph of Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni, left, being greeted by Phoenix
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