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"In reality Americans don't care about art beyond a mild antipathy, and theaters have never had any political will or sense."
Embattled monologuist Mike Daisey took to his blog again yesterday to apologize for bending the truth in his influential piece, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.
In a seething blog post, monologuist Mike Daisey blasts the backlash to his controversial show about working conditions at Chinese factories where Apple products are made.
"What has happened today is that rather than exporting that standard of life, which is within our capacity to do, we have exported harsh working conditions to another nation."
Hoards of hungry gadget-heads are turning on their new iPads to discover This American Life has decided to retract their recent segment on harsh working conditions at Chinese factories making the the company's toys.
Nightline broadcasts a segment on Foxconn's factories in Shenzhen, which has a population of workers greater than NYC. Monologuist Mike Diasey, who visited the complex without authorization, says take it with a grain of salt.
Apple expects the first results to be available by early March, and the scope of the inspections will cover 90% of the factories where the company's products are made.
Monologist Mike Daisey, whose show The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs opens Tuesday, talks about his experiences visiting Apple factory workers in China.
Photo courtesy Kenneth Aaron. In Los Alamos New Mexico, there's a man
In the past several years, writer and performer Mike Daisey has become
Thursday night, Brooklyn monologist Mike Daisey was performing his "Invincible Summer" show
I first saw Mike Daisey at The People's Improv Theater at a
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