Midweek special

Frank Bruni briefly gives restaurant reviews another try in order to essentially point out that the "neur-gastronomy" at new restaurant Romera is a crock.
The Times goes searching for the next Florent today and (unsurprisingly) comes up empty handed.
Lame duck Times critic Sam Sifton really likes Williamsburg meatsteraunt St. Anselm. Meanwhile Bloomberg critic Ryan Sutton really does not like Gilt.
Critics keep on digging Hospoda, the Czech restaurant beneath the Consulate General of the Czech Republic which serves a bevy of Bohemian food and just one beer: Pilsner Urquell.
Despite an executive chef with concerns far beyond his ten-year-old restaurant, Craft continues to shine according to the Times's Sam Sifton.
This week the critics visit the "gloomy" Casa Nonna, the lovely Danji, the very Czech Hospoda and very Batali Bierria, the noisy Leopard at des Artistes and the very authentic Zabb Elee.
This week the Times dug Boulud Sud, TONY tippled at Salinas and The New Yorker worried about the "freegan potluck" at The Castello Plan.
This week the critics love The Leopard, double-team Boulud Sud, oggle Beauty & Essex, go Czech at Hospoda and hold their nose at The Highliner.
This week the city's critics went old and new, with trips to The Palm, The Dutch and The Smile, and more.
The Times restaurant critic is off this week, but that doesn't mean there weren't some interesting developments in the New York dining scene this week. The Cooper Square Hotel's restaurant, The Trilby, is good?
This week the city's critics checked out David Bouley's Brushstroke, Sam Talbot's Imperial No. Nine, Jones Wood Foundry and Monument Lane and liked two out of four.
This week the city's critics descended en masse on Andrew Carmellini's SoHo spot The Dutch and Daniel Boulud's Lincoln Center restaurant, Boulud Sud.
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