In deep blue New York, the issue will likely reframe debates in key races, which thus far have been dominated by concerns around public safety and the economy.
Poll workers in Williamsburg reportedly spread misinformation and set a tone of general hostility.
With elections like these, who needs foreign enemies?
'Our deepest challenges are not left and right, they are not red and blue; they are top and bottom, they are right and wrong,' Ocasio-Cortez told supporters during her victory speech.
Given how consistently Staten Island voters elected Republicans to Congress in recent years, few pundits or prognosticators believed Rose could pull off a win.
'Donald Trump may not like it, but he and his administration will be held accountable to our laws and to the American people.'
If your polling site plunged into emergency ballot mode when all the scanners broke at once, fear not! Your vote still counts.
America Progress Now is illegally meme-ing Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to dupe liberals into voting third party.
While 37 other states allow residents to cast their votes in the days leading up to the election, New York continues to deprive us of this uncontroversial, hugely convenient opportunity.
We know you love doing your civic duty, so please be advised that there is YET MORE OF IT SCREAMING TO BE DONE on the back of your ballot.
As candidates hustle for votes in the last days before the election, a reminder on what it takes to pull an upset
"We are everyday Americans who've decided enough is enough, and we need voices of the middle class to be heard. People are sick and tired of career politicians and millionaires who have been there for decades."
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