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On this week’s final episode of The People’s Guide to Power, we unpack the election results with Kai Wright of Notes from America, political scientist Dr. Christina Greer and your calls.

'What we experienced was we have scanner machines that are nearing the end of their useful life cycle.'

'Our deepest challenges are not left and right, they are not red and blue; they are top and bottom, they are right and wrong,' Ocasio-Cortez told supporters during her victory speech.

If your polling site plunged into emergency ballot mode when all the scanners broke at once, fear not! Your vote still counts.

America Progress Now is illegally meme-ing Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to dupe liberals into voting third party.

We know you love doing your civic duty, so please be advised that there is YET MORE OF IT SCREAMING TO BE DONE on the back of your ballot.

In his first town hall meeting Donald Trump promised that if he won, he would force undocumented immigrants “out of the country fast.

We did it New York, and by "it" we mean "nothing"!