Middle school

Families have waited for weeks for information on middle and high school application details, which are typically issued earlier in the month.
Kindergarten applications, however, are now open.
A Department of Education spokesperson confirmed that the city is "reevaluating" decisions it made last year for admissions.
The city’s decision to eliminate screening opened the door to sought-after middle schools for more low income students, and those learning English.
As middle schools reopened for in-person classes Thursday, some parents frustrated with being locked out of hybrid learning say they shouldn’t be tied to a choice they made months ago in the fall.
The city Department of Education estimates 62,000 students in the 6th to 8th grades will return to in-person learning at the city’s 471 middle schools this week for the first time since November.
All appointments will be honored at their new sites, but the vaccine seekers affected by the change haven't been notified by the city yet.
The return of students to middle schools will be the latest in the school system’s turbulent year.
However, Mayor de Blasio did not offer any clear timeline for high schools.
“We can see this middle school admissions process for this year as a way to start to open up our understanding of what are good schools."
The Department of Education also announced the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) will be administered beginning January 27th.
The DOE says it may expand the pilot program to more high schools and middle schools city-wide.
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