Middle finger

'It's the world we live in today, it's just crazy.'
Disorderly conduct charges against the duo were dropped.
Why we can't have nice things.
M.I.A.'s lawyers say that the NFL has allowed other naughtiness during halftime shows.
M.I.A. would rather have this play out in public.
Badass I.T. recruiter Robert Bell, 26, has a problem with authority, so he must be pretty stoked that he got The Man to fork over $15,000 to make his lawsuit against NYC go away.
Wait, haven't we seen this one before?
In one of those court cases that makes you love America, a judge yesterday ruled that a Vietnam vet and retired airline pilot who was arrested for flipping the bird at a cop can sue.
The most important Federal lawsuit of our time argues that you have the Constitutional right to flip off cops without retribution.
Madonna says M.I.A. has apologized, but also says giving the middle finger was "such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do."
Shockingly, Madonna kept her guns hidden and left the distaste for the bourgeoisie to M.I.A., who gave the finger to America (or just a camera guy).
Gaga Daily Apparently gearing up for her middle finger meltdown at
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