Middle class

"We're telling low-income students they have to remain in one of the most expensive states in the nation."
"That's all very calculated... to pitch to a constituency that's going to help elect him president," one Cuomo critic maintains.
For families making $125,000 or less.
Anthony Weiner 2013: He Keeps Coming!
Weiner has released an updated version of a 2009 booklet that would keep New York "the capital of the middle class."
The pressure for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to bring the paid sick time act to a vote just keeps mounting.
She says, "I’m running because I want to make sure that New York remains... a place where, with good, honest work, you could lift your family into the middle class."
A new report backs up something you already knew, will make you cry: adorable housing in NYC isn't really affordable.
Sorry guys, you are going to be poor forever.
"I think that his definition of middle class was something that did not include a large portion of New York."
"Household incomes in Manhattan are about as evenly distributed as they are in Bolivia or Sierra Leone."
According to Census data, only 3.9% of households make more than $200,000.
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