Michiko kakutani

Kakutani had been the most feared book critic in the country for decades.
Bronx-born writer Richard Price, famous for his gritty urban novels Clockers
Only 2 weeks after his 89th birthday, Swedish film and theater director
The clock is ticking and the new Harry Potter book will be
What do we make of the fact that the NY Times book
Frank McCourt, beloved storyteller of early Irish upbringing to immigrant dreams in
Smelling salts! Icy towels! The heat has gone to Michiko Kakutani’s head!
Art Spiegelman will be speaking about his new book, In The Shadow
Oh, my God, reading reading Michiko Kakutani's Books > Books of The
Michiko Kakutani looks at various celebrity chidren's book authors (some Madonna, some
Author Jonathan Lethem gets the work up: A profile AND Michiko review
Gothamist was too tired from the Gothamist-601AM Happy Hour to face scads
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