Michele bachmann

Weiner's People interview is mighty suspicious.
Ron Paul's comments to Jay Leno on Friday that Michele Bachmann "hates Muslims" may give Gingrich some breathing room.
Gingrich, through a series of conceited grins, winks, and return volleys, held his own against the assault.
Questlove is being censored now that he chose a controversial song for Michele Bachmann's appearance on Fallon.
Tonight, Perry will face his first debate in five years, and while "the bar for Perry has been set pretty low," here are five tips for Perry to clear that "low bar," for Freedom.
Bachmann is milking Mitt "Stormin' Mormon" Romney's campaign donations from Jewish voters, all because some believe Bachmann is "the Jewish candidate."
God clearly wants you to pull the level for Michele Bachmann in 2012. Or else.
Is Michele Bachmann a "Mary Ann"? And does that make Sarah Palin "Ginger"? Or is it the other way around.
Boring former governor George Pataki might run for president, and then he'll get eaten alive by Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.
"The minute that the Republican Party becomes the party—the anti-science party, we have a huge problem," Huntsman said.
Straw polls! Drop outs! Texas! Corn dogs! The Republican presidential race is beginning to heat up.
This year, the top three candidates are likely to be Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Tim Pawlenty, but yesterday, only one candidate displayed the guts to swallow the competition.
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