Michael pena

"[Pena] was punished more harshly than Al Qaeda terrorists, vicious killers, kingpin narcotics offenders, violent gangsters and racketeers," wrote Pena's lawyer, Ephraim Savitt.
NY State's definition of rape does not include anal or oral penetration.
The ex-cop hopes to get some time taken off his sentence, though.
The Post reports that convicted sexual assaulter Michael Pena is set to accept a plea deal today. He is expected to plead guilty to rape, and will not face significant (if any) additional prison time.
Michael Pena's defense attorney Ephraim Savitt wrote a passioned op-ed about what he calls an unjust sentence: "Is there a constitutional carveout for rape charges involving a police officer?"
The 24-year-old woman who was raped at gunpoint by an NYPD officer is in no hurry to relive the ordeal of another trial.
This means that Michael Pena "must serve at least 75 years before even seeing a parole board."
When male and female cops arrived, the victim ran to the male officer: “This juror thought that a woman who had just been raped would be more likely to run to a female officer.”
"She’s very upset and she just needs her time right now."
“That’s ridiculous,” said eyewitness Ann Bishop. “Perfect cases are only on 'Law & Order.' In the real world, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.”
Three jurors didn’t take the testimony of one witness seriously, dismissing him as the “skateboard witness.” His neighbor said: “He’s not a liar. Just because he rides a skateboard doesn’t make him a liar.”
In spite of the victim's testimony, certain jurors didn't believe she was penetrated—because she couldn't remember the color of a car: “If she doesn’t remember these details, how does she know she was penetrated?”
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