Michael mcmahon

The district attorney’s decision marks a sharp reversal for the office, which had for months sought to preserve the conviction.
State lawmakers are pushing the Challenging Wrongful Convictions Act, to help vacate convictions based on new or suppressed evidence.
"Facial recognition technology, especially Clearview AI, poses a direct threat to New Yorkers’ basic privacy and civil rights,” public defender Diane Akerman said.
Foster Thompson, 55, and his family had anticipated Judge Alexander Jeong would vacate Thompson's 1994 murder conviction at a State Supreme Court appearance Thursday.
'He no longer had a campaign, so it’s hard to see how those campaign expenses are justified,' said Brendan Fischer, Director of Federal Reform for the Campaign Legal Center, a Washington watchdog group.
DAs use these lists to alert their prosecutors to potential problems with police witnesses. A civil liberties attorney calls them a 'public scandal.'
Dayshen McKenzie died from an asthma attack after being chased by a group yelling racist slurs at him.
In one of the many victories that helped the Republican gain
Rep. McMahon with Susan Kim at last night's debate (Staten Island
Responders working at Ground Zero in the days after the 9/11
Ha! Disgraced former Congressman Vito Fossella has told the Staten Island
Vito Fossella's mugshot from his May 2008 DWI arrest What a
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