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The mural's artist said, '[He's] still the biggest pop star that has ever lived...I believe we are never going to see another pop star like him again. Therefore, we can't just erase him from history.'

We need to turn the focus from Jackson to the people he hurt, the survivors and their health and well-being.

For the eighth consecutive year, writer, director, and proud son of Brooklyn Spike Lee threw a big party to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson, who would have been 60 this year.

Jackson will reach the highest pantheon in a pop singer's life: immortality via a tourist-friendly jukebox musical.

This video of a woman singing Michael Jackson's 'Rock With Me' went viral this week... but it's not her first time bringing joy to NYC's subway system.

It was the ninth annual celebration of the King of Pop's music and moves.

It was an all-afternoon party with a constant soundtrack of Jackson's music—except of course for a brief 'Purple Rain' chaser at one point.

The Bed-Stuy block on which Lee filmed much of his classic movie now has a new name.

Dress up and join this "Thriller" flash mob in Harlem on Halloween night.

Click through for a look at a very happy looking Jackson in Brooklyn during the filming of "Bad."