Michael grimm

Convicted felon Michael Grimm is running against Dan Donovan, the DA in the Eric Garner case
'You know, I can take you to any nursery and you're going to hear the exact same things as a mother has to leave for work and has to leave her child at daycare. You're going to hear those exact same things, OK?'
Grimm's pushing a pretty pro-Trump campaign in an apparent effort to win over Trump-supporting Staten Islanders.
"Grimm is more of a real person. He gets down on people's level."
Grimm is expected to announce a primary challenge against Representative Dan Donovan on October 1st.
Stay away from balconies, because Michael Grimm is BACK!
Don't pay your employees off the books, former G-man.
Put your quarters on the table and Michael Grimm will show you what he's made of.
One potential candidate to replace him: The Congressman who had a DWI that then led to the revelation he had an extramarital affair and love child.
He doesn't want to resign.
"Step back, shut up, and let the police do their work."
Are you a thrill-seeking aspiring politico with a taste for danger and a penchant for self sabotage?
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