Michael cohen

There was an innate compulsion to bear witness to the livestream of history, even if it turned out to be yet another drop in an ocean of Trump scandals.
Watch the Cohen testimony livestream here starting at 10 a.m.
Interrogation topics included the Cohen story, the Mueller investigation, collusion, and talkshow host Joy Behar.
Michael Cohen is going to prison for crimes committed 'in coordination with and at the direction of' President Donald Trump.
Before your gleeful chuckle boils over into a vengeful guffaw, a reminder that all of this is tentative: The District Attorney, Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., is reviewing records and ruminating on the possibility of a criminal case.
The deal will reportedly include jail time and a substantial monetary fine.
'I hope [Trump] sees the picture of me and Michael Cohen and it haunts his dreams.'
If you've been wondering when the Eric Schneiderman case was going to collide with the Trump investigation, then today is your day.
The services the Faux Cohen ad listed include "Hush Payments, Physical Threats, Pay Pff Porn Stars, Playboy Bunnies."
The Trump Organization will be run by a blind trust but also by the Trump children, attorney Michael Cohen said, despite that making no sense.
The bad news is, marital rape law is still evolving, and certain exemptions still exist.
The fatal fire killed newlywed Daniel McClung on Sunday, January 5.
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