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"I'm tired of police brutality in my community, in every community. I have nephews and nieces that I'm worried about, that will get killed walking down the streets."

"We needed to take that moment to process the pain in our own lives, and it was very disrespectful for him to come and do that little princess wave."

"No one's out here trying to get rowdy, or trying to fight, we're just trying to walk the streets and protest, and they're not even allowing that."

A graphic video obtained by the NY Times shows a South Carolina police officer fatally shooting an unarmed man eight times in the back and then trying to fabricate a justification for the killing.

Does a powerful new protest group's ties to city government and wealthy celebrities make it nearly indistinguishable from the power it's trying to change?

"Something happens to people in law enforcement. Many of us develop different flavors of cynicism that we work hard to resist because they can be lazy mental shortcuts."

Asked whether police intended to make any arrests, one officer chuckled. "I hope so," he said.

The protesters appeared to cooperate with police.

"He resisted arrest, and he had asthma, it's his problem. He was doing something illegal. Isn't he breaking the law? Why is that so difficult to understand?"