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"It stretches belief to think that they would consciously disregard the danger and go to sleep, much less that they would disregard any danger to the Badger children or Mrs. Badger's parents."

The grieving father said he's can't believe what happened with the devastating fire, but now he finds working on a charity in honor of his daughters "a place of tremendous healing."

Matthew Badger "filed papers in Stamford Probate Court recently, seeking to administer his daughters’ estates for a potential 'wrongful-death claim.'"

The city's decision to raze the ravaged house has apparently hindered the investigation.

"It's a stupid thing to do, discard hot ash in a flammable container, but there's no criminality to it. It's just a horrible accident."

Also, fire survivor Michael Borcina was not licensed to do renovation work in Connecticut.

The funeral for the three little girls will be open to the public.

The grandmother was found on a stairwell, with one of the 7-year-old twins under her, apparently trying to protect the girl from smoke and heat.