Michael bloomberg

Gothamist asked 113 billionaires who are listed as New York State residents whether they would be willing to pay more taxes to help the state and its most vulnerable residents during the pandemic.
“It’s likely that this will be the second time that the city is called on to bail out Hudson Yards because of a lack of revenue.”
"When you look at the history of stop activity in the NYPD, even though they've come way, way, down from the highs of the Bloomberg years, these numbers are not believable.”
After initially saying he would not free his accusers from confidentiality agreements, the former NYC mayor and presidential candidate announced his change of heart on Friday afternoon.
"He's had a negative impact on quality of life for most working-class people around here."
He's spending big on memes and blaming the financial crisis on the end of redlining. WILL IT WORK?
The offending comments came during an address at the Aspen Institute in 2015, which Bloomberg reportedly sought to conceal from the public.
An important debate rages.
Don't miss the cameos from Gene Simmons, Trump Jr. and Ivanka!
It's not just guns, America; he's also coming for your cigarettes and Big Gulps!
Another New York City mayor believes he’s the Guy to beat Trump:
Before the billionaire hits the next stop on his “apology tour,” it’s worth looking back at the ways in which he defended the practice.
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