M.I.A.'s lawyers say that the NFL has allowed other naughtiness during halftime shows.
M.I.A. would rather have this play out in public.
We hear summer has indeed arrived, but we refuse to declare it so until we see that iconic yellow thong.
Madonna says M.I.A. has apologized, but also says giving the middle finger was "such a teenager, irrelevant thing to do."
M.I.A. gave America the finger, and now the Parents Television Council wants her to be PUNISHED.
Shockingly, Madonna kept her guns hidden and left the distaste for the bourgeoisie to M.I.A., who gave the finger to America (or just a camera guy).
Madonna calls performing at the Super Bowl halftime "the Holy Grail."
If canines can go to war, why can't other members of the animal kingdom?
Ok, enough is enough. Her escape from her cage was clearly a
You thought it was over when she was found. You thought
Introducing...Mia! It was barely two weeks ago that the Bronx Zoo
Did you read that New York Times piece about M.I.A. penned
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