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Two more babies are believed to have been infected with herpes by mohels this year, bringing the total number of babies infected in NYC since the consent form law went into effect to five.
Mayoral candidates tend to have a slippery way with words. And it seems most of the democratic candidates are now AGAINST the consent forms, as you can see in the video below.
The candidates fighting to become the next mayor have weighed in on the controversial circumcision consent forms–and everyone but John Liu is mostly in favor of them.
In 2013, at least two babies have been infected with herpes directly because of the custom. And the mother of one blames the mohel for performing the rite without her consent.
The lawyer for Orthodox groups said that the ritual is a constitutionally protected religious activity: Snip-N-Suck "lies at the heart of First Amendment protection," said attorney Shay Dvoretzky.
So you don't have to worry about the government forcing you to consent to having your child's penis lightly nipped and sucked upon by a possibly herpes-infected mohel...for now.
Despite the fact that at least 11 NYC boys have been infected with herpes from mohels who have performed an ancient circumcision ritual, ultra-Orthodox leaders are fighting the city's “evil plans” to mandate parental-consent forms.
"If we feel that our religious freedom is being restricted, we have the right to challenge it in court … we are ready, if needed, to challenge this."
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