Metropolitan detention center

The facility, best known as the site of Jeffrey Epstein's suicide, could shutter as early as October.
Maxwell entered a plea of not guilty.
The Bureau of Prisons confirmed that Maxwell has been taken to Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn today after being arrested and held in New Hampshire last week
A former chief medical officer for the city jails said that the jail was "ill-equipped" to stop the spread of COVID-19, and that jail administrators were destroying medical records.
Lawyers visiting clients when the fire broke out said the facility went into lockdown, and reported acrid chemical smoke coming from vents as they were escorted out of the building through a smoke-filled lobby.
Not only did the warden fail to take steps to improve conditions in the jail, according to the lawsuit, he and his team repeatedly lied about them.
Instead of intervening to protect those incarcerated at the jail, the warden at M.D.C., Herman Quay, lied about the extent of the crisis, while downplaying long-standing issues at the facility, attorneys said.
'How is that? We live in a 3rd World country?' the mother of one inmate, Yvonne Murchison, asked.
Elected officials who toured the detention center on Saturday painted a dire picture of conditions at the 1,600-person jail.
'It's just a place to warehouse human beings.'
The 53-year-old corrections officer allegedly attempted to hire a man to assault his ex-wife and her new boyfriend.
WNBC has video of an inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center in
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