Metropolitan correctional center

The facility, best known as the site of Jeffrey Epstein's suicide, could shutter as early as October.
"To go five full days with zero access is just entirely unacceptable."
They face charges of fabricating prison records, after allegedly falling asleep for hours while they were supposed to be monitoring the high-security prisoner.
Susan Kellman, who has represented clients at MCC for roughly three decades, recently noted that conditions there are 'the worst that it's ever been.'
Two guards were also placed on leave.
Over the spring, Gothamist was in touch with two women held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, who said they were denied basic medical care and that their cells routinely flooded with sewage.
Two days out from Epstein's death, there remain a lot of questions we simply can't answer yet, including the cause of death.
Epstein was facing federal sex trafficking charges, after being accused of preying upon underage girls for years.
There are a number of theories about why Epstein was found injured, from an assault to a suicide attempt.
His attorney plans to fight the allegations on grounds that you can't prosecute someone twice for one offense.
Joaquín Guzmán's lawyers asked for exercise time and commissary access, and prosecutors aren't keen.
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