Researchers with the Environmental Protection Agency will work with the MTA to test the technology and determine its effectiveness.
The technology is federally mandated, but the MTA may not make the December 2020 deadline.
The feel good YouTube of the season.
These trains actually need it more than the subway.
While Metro-North is testing out runs to Penn Station, full service there isn't expected for nearly a decade.
A new exhibit opening at the Transit Museum in Brooklyn really romanticizes riding the rails... the MetroNorth and LIRR rails, even.
Oops, last night's MetroNorth halt caused by workers unplugging power.
And now... your Thursday night MetroNorth Nightmare.
Workers have been trying to restore service nonstop since Saturday.
Do you really hate your life so much as to want to subject yourself to this kind of crap IRL?
Be safe out there everybody and have a happy and safe new year!
Ooooh, how European. Metro-North Railroad is considering buying double-decker coaches for
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