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If you have any affection built up for the magnetic stripe cards and/or know all the word to "Ten Crack Commandments" by heart, you won't want to miss out.

There are two cards: one featuring Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard, and one featuring Picard's dog, Number One.

The MTA is moving forward with a plan to offer free full-fare MetroCards to students in K-12 who live more than a half mile from school.

On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to extend the first phase of Fair Fares eligibility in the fall to include NYCHA residents, CUNY students and military veterans living below the federal poverty line.

There will be 250,000 copies of the four MetroCards available at Grand Central station while supplies last.

According to the MTA, 50,000 cards were printed and will be available at the station, while supplies last.

Goodbye MetroCard, hello subcutaneous RFID chips!

"I was on line for three hours on Wednesday and I got one card, but the machine was screwing up."

'The only real constraint was to make a piece of art on or utilizing a MetroCard.'