Metlife stadium

However, a MetLife Stadium spokesperson claims there are only one or two.
The tension between Mick's carefully curated-showmanship and Keith's loose, internal process is what makes the Stones still a thrilling band to see live.
Attention, sports fans: Please don't leave your used coals to smolder in a parking lot post-tailgate.
This was probably the highlight of a terrible, terrible game.
Grown men were screaming "I love you!" and people were even hugging the security staff when the show was over.
Colombia and Peru battled through penalty kicks at MetLife Stadium Friday night.
Let's go eat a goddamn snack.
Is getting onstage with Taylor more exciting than a ticker-tape parade? Hard to know.
"All of a sudden they came out of that exit door and rushed her to the ground."
Yesterday's Jets game was a debacle not just for the team but also for the idiot fan who decided to get into a fight at MetLife Stadium.
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