His attorney reportedly plans to appeal the sentence.
His Grindr profile apparently included "coded language" that implied he was selling drugs.
He faces up to life in prison.
"People on meth aren’t necessarily accurate historians, and they tend to exaggerate and say outlandish things."
A British man who was arrested in 2013 for conspiring to bring 100 kilograms of pure North Korean meth into the U.S. in 2013 has pleaded guilty to the charges against him.
It may be blue, but it's the bomb!
A group of men were arrested on charges of conspiring to smuggle 100 kilos of "North Korean-produced methamphetamine" into New York City.
It seems the NYPD may have overstepped its bounds just a tad when they arrested a Brooklyn man for Jolly Rancher possession.
The meth has a street value of $960,000 while the four-and-half kilos of heroin is worth over a million.
The judge said, "My gosh, Father, for your first involvement in the criminal justice system, you picked a real doozy..."
Kevin Wallin was apparently addicted to meth and sold about $9000 of meth each week.
Father Heisenberg.
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