Metal detectors

Evolv uses an array of magnetic sensors to spot when a person is carrying metal, but critics worry about the potential for false positives.
The city will increase unannounced metal detector screenings.
That's about 1 in 4 middle and high schoolers.
Barclays Center declared that they'd stop using metal detectors for the "foreseeable future." Well, the foreseeable future lasted five days!
Well, that was quick: yesterday, the NY Post suggested that Barclays Center might have a racist metal detector policy. And today, they announced they were officially getting rid of metal detectors entirely.
The Post is lobbing some serious criticism at the Barclays Center: how come they had metal detectors up for Jay-Z's shows, but not for Barbra Streisand's big show this week?
Officials announced that Barclays will have walk-through metal detectors. “I was considering getting season tickets, but I don’t want to feel like a criminal when I go to a game,” said longtime fan Robert Master.
After an ex-convict shot and wounded his parole officer at the
Photo via Pixietart's Flickr Lifeguards, sharks, outlaw swimmers... are there any
Officials at Stuyvesant High School told parents that they want to install
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