Watch as they perform 'Desecrate The Wound,' a deep cut from Bono's secret solo album no one knows about, for unsuspecting subway riders.
Outside Maxim Rock, you'd never know you were in a county populated by people who have never seen a McDonald's.
A look inside Cuba's government-approved metal scene.
Stephen Colbert welcomed his youngest guests ever last night Brooklyn tween metal band Unlocking The Truth stopped by for an interview and performance.
Have you ever stumbled upon tween band Unlocking The Truth rocking out in Times Square with their particular brand of 6th grade shred metal?
We were so happy to see the young man in the video below sporting Chris Cornell-circa-1988 locks headbanging his way across Brooklyn on the R train.
The legendary headbanging band Metallica has just announced a two day festival this June in Atlantic City.
Moore Catholic School blasts music from their football field at seemingly odd hours and high volumes, but neighbors (pagans?) have had enough.
So much drama in the playground this year! First there was
You don't have to get a hip replacement to sneak titanium
The city building code requires that wires pass through a fireproof
Photo by Joe Holmes. The unstoppable Peter Vallone, Jr. is at
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