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"People are angry, they want to see this settled. They would like to see opera return, and they're very dedicated to it...But the management is playing hardball."

The Metropolitan Opera, the largest performing arts organization in the U.S., announced today that it had canceled its entire 2020-2021 season.

"It is indicative of a trend happening across the country at opera and choral performances—most of the venues are shutting down or cancelling performances."

NYC's cultural institutions are starting to think about ways to adapt to our radically different cultural landscape.

'I am happy that, at the age of 78, I was able to sing the wonderful title role in the dress rehearsal of Macbeth, which I consider my last performance on the Met stage.'

The orchestra pit's musicians became concerned when they saw a man sprinkling a powder in their section.

The Met Opera is changing their pricing plan, but not everything will be more expensive.

It's bad enough that opera director Luc Bondy had to face

The teenage son of a Metropolitan Opera singer was fatally stabbed

According to the NY Times, the Metropolitan Opera decided to restage Richard